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Copiously illustrated with cutaway drawings, floor plans, diagrams and stills from. Star wars death star ii patent art print wall poster etsy. I was not able to find a specific design patent number for the death star i. The uk edition is titled imperial death star owners technical manual. My time in the death star trenches english edition. Death star exhaust port sketch by joe johnston concept artist and effects. As an allinone resource for the death star, the death star owner s technical manual is the book to turn to. Rinzler who selected each image that went into the book. Death star is a novel written by michael reaves and steve perry, and was published on october. I absolutely loved this book and found it hard to put down.

The talent of these designers is on display on every page. This book covers the construction of the death star and the aftermath. All death drawings ship within 48 hours and include a 30day moneyback guarantee. The first death star, introduced in the original star wars film, is stated to be more than 120 kilometers 75 mi in diameter, and is crewed by an estimated 1. During the battle of endor, the death star ii also met its destruction like its predecessor. The death star technical companion and the movie trilogy. This text provides an introduction to technical drawing and provides instruction to help students create 2d drawings by hand or by using computeraided drafting. Xwing starfighters, the rebel blockade runner, the cantina, the death star, the. Evidently, and most fortunately for this writers purposes, the death star was transmitting data to the galvoni system right up until the moment that a certain proton torpedo found its target. Theres tons of info, great artwork and lots of useful reference pictures.

Incredible crosssections by writer david west reynolds and artists hans jenssen and richard chasemore dk publishing, 1998, to j. The most thorough and technical guide to the death star available, the manual covers history, development and prototyping, superstructure, energy and propulsion, weapons and. Each blueprint is presented as an original work of art, and some bear the imperfections of rips and folds present on the original technical drawings. Conceived as the empires ultimate weapon, the death star battle station. The blueprints, as the floor plans and diagrams for death star sets and props were obviously useful for our own purposes. This newly updated edition focuses on the drawing skills and information that are vital to a successful career in drafting. Death star poster, death star blueprint, star wars print, star wars printable, star wars decor, empire force, darth vader, dark side, 34040. Star wars books have increasingly become more scifi than scifantasy, going into more detail about the technical aspects of the universe than focusing on the largerthanlife stories based on myths that they should have. The second death star, which appears in return of the jedi, is.

This manual explores the death stars onboard systems and controls, and is packed with floor plans, cutaways, and exploded diagrams. Haynes manual reveals secrets behind imperial death star. Through drawings and the death concept questionnaire fotini bonoti, angeliki leondari, and adelais mastora department of preschool education, university of thessaly, volos, greece to investigate whether childrens understanding of the concept of death varies as a function of death experience and age, 52 children. Covering history, development and prototyping, superstructure, energy and propulsion, weapons and defensive systems, hangar bays, security, service and technical sectors, crew facilities, and with information about the death star ii and its planetary shield generator, this is the most thorough technical guide to the death star available. Pdf death star owner s technical manual download full. That said, the death star owners technical manual would be hardly just a rehash of previously published material. Death star owners technical manual by ryder windham. I expected a lot of images from the movies and the technical scientific.

Although ther drawing certainly required more time than my writing, the. For a fleet junkie, the book is a huge wealth of knowledge that youll come back to scan again and again. Having read a few new canon books that were less than impressive, i decided to read this one on a whim. The blueprints, an oversized hardcover from epic ink, collects the best of the original blueprints created by the uk production art departments during the making of the six movies, taken straight from the lucasfilm archives and reproduced in striking high resolution. After the destruction of the first death star, the ds2 death star was the second death star constructed by the galactic empire and was designed to be more powerful than the original. As a lover of star wars books, i try to read both the new canon as well as the eu books. Image from the star wars sketchbook, mostly by joe johnston, book from star art.

These books ranged from other in universe books, such as star wars. Star wars rebels ghosts of geonosis appears in drawing. The death star, known officially as the ds1 orbital battle station, or the. Designed, built, painted and dressed, some of the technical drawings. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with. Inside this book you would find overview technical drawing of the death star, its key. Designed, built, painted and dressed, some of the technical drawings featured. The haynes death star owners technical manual is a. Choose your favorite death drawings from millions of available designs. Using cutaway drawings, exploded diagrams and photographs, backed by detailed technical. It provides technical detail, uptodate standards, realworld examples and clearly explained theory and techniques.

Ryder windham has written over 50 star wars books, including the. Star wars 2 page death star hanger technical drawing blueprint page treasuretimecapsule 5 out of 5 stars 1,699. Ryder windham has written over 50 star wars books, including the millennium falcon owners workshop manual for haynes, and is highly regarded by. Star wars death star ii engineering mechanical drawing illustration.

Coverage spans from basic to advanced aspects of engineering and industrial technology, providing readers with fundamental exposure to design and visualization for computer modeling, as well as the more traditional methods of technical drawing. Now we have a story about how a technological terror was constructed, which goes on an on about how big the death star is, how it was made, what parts werent working, what. The pictures are scans of the technical drawings pencil on paper etc. Check back regularly to find your next favourite book. The death star is a fictional mobile space station and galactic superweapon featured in the star wars spaceopera franchise. On the other hand this drawing might be a good indication of the size of the death star i. Its a wealth of information on one of the most iconic ships from the star wars films. The plans in the technical book of science fiction films indicate a.

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